Dead Psychologist Lunch Party Tuesday and Test Info

Dead Psychologist Lunch Party Tuesday and Test Info

A reminder that our lunch/dinner party during class tomorrow.  Please make sure you come prepared and ready to socialize with other psychologists.

Test Reminder for Unit 1 (module 1-3) will be Thursday! Watch Flip it video, practice quiz and use the AP college board site for any additional practice (remember you signed up for this in class..lot’s of practice resources for you here).

  • Review all perspectives
  • Know the history of psychology and early schools of thought and philosophers
  • Key psychologists from this unit (Wundt, William James etc..)
  • Specialty areas in psychology (clinical, personality,social, health,industrial-organizational etc… know these) example
  • Qualities of scientists (there is a nice infographic in your textbook-skepticism etc…)

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