Curricular Competencies Self-Assessment

Curricular Competencies Self-Assessment

Curricular Competencies 

Please complete the curricular competencies self-assessment.  This is DUE on your BLOG by Friday. This is digital so you can complete it for HW and upload it.  Please check the right sidebar where you find the link for curricular competencies.  The word document explains what you need to do!  Copy and paste then add in your evidence (evidence includes examples of how you met that curricular competency. 


Evidence:  I can fully grasp the concept of the rise and fall of civilizations learned this term.  An example is my presentation that I prepared for my group which included…

We will continue to work on the COAT OF ARMS in class next week (do not complete for homework)

The self assessment (word document) found on my website.    Follow the instructions on the handout and post by Friday.

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Core Competencies:

Research on assessment emphasizes the importance of students developing reflective language and metacognition (i.e. the ability to think about thinking) in order to engage in effective self assessment. It is important that, overtime, students:

  • Gain the ability to assess their own strengths
  • Provide examples and evidence of their learning
  • Create realistic and achievable goals
  • Construct a clear plan to reach their goals
  • Revisit previous documentations of self-assessments, where applicable, to monitor their growth

Proficiency Scale

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