Computer Lab Week and Project Examples

Computer Lab Week and Project Examples

This week we are in the computer lab completing our paragraphs for our Inquiry Project.  DUE DATE:  JUNE 6 and 7 in the MPR.

Checklist for Poster Board

  • Inquiry Question is clearly stated at the top of your poster
  • An introduction and a conclusion to your topic
    • 4-5 Research Questions (1 sheet 1.5 space, formal) placed on your poster
    • Pictures/Diagrams/Maps…..
    • Works Cited (on the back of your poster board) at least 5 sources
    • Typed and size 12-14 font for your paragraphs.  Headings may be a larger font
    • Keep it neat! Please see examples below
  • Multimedia
    • Blog post (this may include a video or a powerpoint in regards to your Inquiry Question.  We discussed all the options in class
  • You may also bring 3D models or artifacts for your presentation

Smile and be ready to answer questions on the day of your Gallery Walk/Fair!! Have fun and celebrate a great year!

Examples of Projects

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