Coat of Arms – Term 2

Coat of Arms – Term 2

We have been working on our Coat of Arms for a few classes.  Period 1,2 and 3 coat of arms will be due on Thursday.  Period 5 and 6 Coat of Arms will be due on Friday.

  1.  Copy of the Coat of Arms
  2.  Description of Coat of Arms on your Blog (please post by end of the week).  Please see the following link for information regarding the coat of arms in the Middle Ages


People in medieval times used personal and family banners and shields to express their identity and status in society. Today, this would be similar to a logo for a sports team or school. Logos are so distinctive that you can recognize your school banner or your favorite team simply by their logo. Heraldry is the same kind of thing, but a bit more structured.

Heraldry includes a family motto and a family coat of arms. The actual design of the coat of arms followed a pattern, although each was distinctive.  As time went on, a family’s heraldry was recorded so that no one could copy the pattern or take it for themselves.


Criteria Sheet personal_coat_of_arms_assignment


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