Civilization in a bag

Civilization in a bag

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Today we discussed the rise and fall of Ancient Rome.  We learned about the internal and external causes that led to it’s demise.

Task:  Civilization in a bag.  You all received a paper bag.  Please follow the instructions on your handout.  You will complete this next Tuesday (October 17)

Your task: Find five items that represent the key aspects of a civilization and include them in a paper bag. Explain how they relate to the civilization.  You can use the civilization your researched or Rome.


On the front of a paper bag (large or small) write the name of the current civilization we are studying and your name (first and last.)

Think of 5 objects that represent people, events, places, inventions or ideas from the civilization and place them in your bag.

The items do not have to be actual things they had but just represent important concepts. For example, for Rome, you might put scissors in your bag to represent how Rome was cut into pieces to help govern it.

On a separate paper write a paragraph for the objects in the bag explaining how it represents the civilization and providing information about what it represents.

Staple your written paper to your bag when you are finished.


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