Chapter 5 Late Middle Ages

Chapter 5 Late Middle Ages

Term 2 has started!  We are working on Chapter 5 Late Middle Ages.  Last class we started a comparison between Knights and Samurai and you were to complete the Venn Diagram.  Please use the pages in your textbook and the power point on the previous post.

Codes of honour: Chivalry and Bushido.

 Do people still live by codes of honour? What are the differences between values of today and values of

feudal times.?

Japan – A Brief History

From Trickey

Japan is a country located in the north-western Pacific Ocean and is comprised of four main and a number of smaller islands.

The Japanese have been influenced by many countries, such as Korea, China and most recently Europeans.  In each case the Japanese have learned from these influences and made them their own.

The history of Japan is a violent history of powerful men trying to control and rule over the whole country.

Japanese daiymos were similar to European feudal lords who control a certain region of Japan and who answered to the king of the country or the Shogun.

Because there were so many daiymos in Japan it was hard for one single daiymo family to hold onto the title of Shogun for long.

The Samurai were the warriors who fought for their daiymo. The Samurai were highly trained and deeply religious fighters who practised Zen Buddhism and the Japanese religion Shinto

The official leader or Emperor of the Japanese people has always been a member of the Imperial Sun line who are believed to be descended from the Japanese sun god, however real power has been in the hands of the Shogun and his daiymos.

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