Chapter 3 Test and Study Strategies

Chapter 3 Test and Study Strategies

downloadNovember 14th is the Chapter 3 test.  This was a very big unit with so much information (many handouts).  In order to prepare for the test Tuesday will be a full review hour.  Please make sure you have read this chapter in its entirety.  Keeping up the readings is very important.  3C on genetics and evolutionary psychology was covered last class.  Make sure you have read it.  I will spend 15 minutes prior to our Jeopardy review to highlight key terms.

Study Tips

  1.  Use Handouts 3A, 3B and 3C  – There is no need to make new notes! You have everything.  Alternatively, you can use the ppt that I gave you or that is on my blog from the start of this unit (Myers ppt) I included all 3 sections.
  2. Next, test yourself using your Study Guide or the multiple choice section in your MYERS textbook.  Check your answers (handout given to you at the start of the year)
  3. Review Day- Tuesday plus a practice multiple choice test ap-psych-unit-3-review-with-answers

I hope that helps!  This is the biggest unit in the textbook and concepts will be revisited throughout the year.

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