Chapter 1 Unit Test and Post Dinner Party

Chapter 1 Unit Test and Post Dinner Party

What an awesome dinner party (lunch party:)  with dead psychologists.  Now that you have completed your list of psychologists I would like you to blog on the following due by Monday:

  1.  If you were to become a psychologist, which approach to studying psychology do you think you would follow?Why? 

Chapter 1 test (September 26) – Please refer to your power point notes and handouts.  Use the outline I gave you to focus on key terms/psychologists for this unit.  Practice multiple choice at the end of Chapter 1 (answers in previous post).  You can also use your study guide!  It will be all multiple choice.

Answers to the Dinner Party – Psycho’s socializing (by last name)

  1. Darwin
  2. Kohlberg
  3. Wundt
  4. Ebbinghaus
  5. Jung
  6. Thorndike
  7. Horney
  8. Allport
  9. Binet
  10. Tolman
  11. Maslow
  12. Piaget
  13. Skinner
  14. Adler
  15. Dewey
  16. Wertheimer
  17. Sperry
  18. Hall
  19. Clark
  20. Fechner
  21. Washburn
  22. Anna Freud
  23. Watson
  24. Galton
  25. James
  26. Pavlov
  27. Calkins
  28. Rogers
  29. Freud
  30. Titchener
  31. Erikson
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