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We started our Inquiry Projects.  Here is our Timeline and you are encouraged to work on it at home!  We have our Gallery Walk/Presentations on November 9th.

October 16th – Finalized our Topics and Big Question (posted in Teams)

October 19th– First Week of Research .  You should now have 4 additional questions that you are using to help answer the Big Question.  Question 1 and 2 you are finding research on this week.  Use MS Word to organize your notes and don’t forget to have citefast ready!



This week we’ve started our research for our inquiry projects! My key question is How did Paper Spread from China all around the world?  So far, I’ve researched for my first two sub questions: “How and why was paper invented?” and “How did the creation of paper affect other inventions?”. This week I’ve learned about how paper was made and it’s materials. It was a a cheaper alternative to silk, and was made during the Han Dynasty. I also found out some things about the invention of printing, books, kites and paper money.

I had trouble with identifying key information so that I didn’t use up too much room on my research paper, however this was a minor struggle.

I was surprised to find out that paper was made with things such as rags and fishnets, but it makes sense because those were some cheap materials that were available. The part about metal coins on strings being exchanged for a written deposit on paper also intrigued me because I thought that the coins were directly replaced by paper money, but they were actually these deposit papers first before becoming a national currency.

Next week, we will continue to  investigate the other questions.  I have uploaded a picture of my research notes/or my word document with research notes to Teams for this week.  I have added a few pictures in my Blog as well from my findings.



Please see Teams for updates and information. So far we have completed the following:

  1. Museum of Me
  2. Coat of Arms
  3. Blog
  4. Viking Ad
  5. Ancient Civilization Mini Project

All of the above will be part of the Mid Quarter 1 assessment.

Museum of Me

Museum of Me

My-artifact-assignment  – Museum of Me artifact

Great first class today!  We started out with How do we see history?  Great discussions and examples.  Your homework assignment is uploaded here and in Teams.  Please collect 5 artifacts and write out why they are significant to you on paper (typed or not).  Put everything into a bag and be prepared to display it tomorrow on your desk.  We will work on our Coat of Arms tomorrow after the museum of me.

Difficulty with office 365?  Please see the link below for reset password (make sure you complete the about me first).  Still having difficulty you can see me tomorrow so I can help.  – reset password

Welcome to Grade 8 Social Studies

Welcome to Grade 8 Social Studies

Welcome to Grade 8 Social Studies.

What supplies do I need for Socials 8?  

– Pens
– Pencils (with erasers)
– Handheld pencil sharpener (or mechanical pencils)
– Erasers
1 – 3 ring binder or your own laptop (I will be using MS TEAMS for collection of assignments and distribution of most handouts.  Students will also be introduced to learning Blogs in my class).
– Tabbed dividers
– Lined binder paper

Following supplies are optional (but very helpful for projects and you can keep it in your own ziplock bag/labelled):
– Colored pencils
– Markers
– Crayons
– Scissors

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