Castles_Library Orientation using Easybib

Castles_Library Orientation using Easybib


Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, UK
Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, UK

This week all of my grade 8 classes will get an introduction to research using Easybib.  Please meet in the library this week!


Using Audacity on the school laptops ( I will show you this)

  1.  Record
  2. When done/File/Export File/ Save as MP3 on desktop or your file folder
  3. Press OK
  4. In WordPress, create a new post
  5. Add Media/Upload File ( it will automatically figure it out that it is audio!)
  6. Publish it!
  7. Remember to give your post a title and a brief explanation (example:  This is my audio on one of the coolest castles I learned about)
  8. I would also include a picture in your post of the castle you learned about
  9. Easy bib must also be included

Due:  In on December 16th!

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