Brain Organizer and BLOG UPDATED

Brain Organizer and BLOG UPDATED

Monday October 30th

  1.  Today we will have class time to fully complete our Brain Charts.  These will be due at the end of class.
  2. Neuron Quiz marked and returned.  We will review some terms
  3. Please pick up the practice Quiz for this unit
  4. Bring an Orange for Wednesday’s Class
  5. HW:  Extra credit(FRQ handout pick one!) I will be giving a brain scan assignment for HW on Monday- a quick read and complete.
  6. We start unit myers-ap-unit-03c on Wednesday

BLOGS:  The following are ALL the blog posts you should have.  This is extremely important as they show understanding of topics being covered and will be given a term mark out of 20.  Some posts are marked separately.  You have until the end of this week to look over your blog to make sure they are updated.

  • Intro to Psych AP
  • Dinner Party
  • Naturalistic Observation
  • Zimbardo Questions
  • Mirror Neurons Article Review (marked separately)
  • FRQ Bonus question (good idea to do this)



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