BLOGFOLIO instructions and PSA Reminder

BLOGFOLIO instructions and PSA Reminder

Below is today’s handout for our BLOG start up.


Reminder:  PSA will be due at the end of class on Monday.  If you have completed the PSA by the beginning of class on Monday you will have time to review your Blog(using our class laptops!)  Remember to include your GOAL and ACTION plan for your PSA!  The PSA is similar to a poster/infographic.  Include what the goal is and how it can be achieved by 2030.  Include images and key words to make the message powerful!

In the Lab today we will go over how to get our Blog started.  You can create your first POST today!  I will spend more time in the following weeks on how I would like you to frame the posts.


  1.  Welcome to Socials! (you might want to mention what you are interested in learning about this year in Social Studies)

      2. What is the world’s biggest problem and how would you fix it? (You can use your Global Goal for this one)  What does the world need to know about this goal and what can we do about it? 

Competency Challenge-  Which competencies can you identify after completing the PSA and BLOG Response?


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