NOTE:  Socials 8 period 1 you will be introduced to the blog on Monday.  Keep working on your storyboard.

Great work everyone on your blog start  up.  I have attached a digital copy from today’s lesson.  We worked on starting up our blogs for the class.  Please make sure you have completed the following:

  1.  Welcome to Socials Studies 8 post (This is a brief introduction to your blog)
  2. Global Goals for 2030 post (In this post please let me know what your PSA was all about.  In other words, tell me your goal and action plan.  Also, why is this issue important?)  If you feel up to the challenge you may  upload your brainstorming chart or take a photo of the PSA storyboard you created.

Please make sure you have given a title to your blog (example:  Emmy’s Socials Studies Blog) and a header that represents Social Studies.  You can check my blog and see what it looks like.

Any questions, feel free to drop by!

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