Blog post due Friday

Blog post due Friday

Blog posts are due on Friday!  Also, you have been working on your Viking Commercials which will be presented on Monday/Tuesday.

Portfolio Check in for Parent/Guardian

One advantage of using digital portfolios is the ability to have conversations about learning between students, parents and teachers.  My goal is to provide ongoing descriptive feedback to highlight accomplishments, evidence of learning and areas of learning to focus on for improvement and growth.

Digital portfolios are assigned to individual students and are kept private. To access a digital portfolio, students must know their unique login and password information. Parents will have access to their child’s digital portfolio where they can see the learning process. This form of communication allows the student opportunities to practice self-assessment and ownership of their learning (an extremely important skill for this year).

For homework this week, students will be asked to spend a few moments to review their Blogfolios with their parents. I ask that you take time this week to comment on one or more items on your child’s digital portfolio.

Please refer to the handout provided in class!  Thank you !

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