Virtual Meeting and AP Psychology Units Review FRQ Practice Questions

Virtual Meeting and AP Psychology Units Review FRQ Practice Questions

Please check OFFICE 365 email – I have sent you all an email using Office 365 Teams for a virtual meeting on Monday @11am.  Please respond

I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe and healthy.  I will be in contact with all of you next week.  Please make sure you all have your office 365 emails set up and ready to go.  I will require that you use the AP College Board site for the videos they are providing for review of content.  I feel confident that you are all ready for this exam.  We have completed all the required units that will be tested as per the AP College Board Website (AP Psychology – Units 1 through 7 will be tested).  That means you will NOT be tested on the last 2 units (Abnormal Behaviour, Therapies&Treatment and Social Psych – in your textbook it is unit 12, 13 and 14 NOT tested on exam this year)  We finished all the units in class so you are ready to review!   .

AP EXAM WILL COVER ONLY UNITS 1-7 (different from your text units- see image above)  

So, I will be posting at the start of the week 2 FRQ that I would like you to hand in on your BLOGS.  I have given you plenty of review practice so now is your time to look at those units you feel need extra attention.  Focus on your writing and the feedback I gave you.  This is a perfect time to use your blog so I can give you weekly feedback.

You got this!  I’m so confident and proud of all of you and I know you will do well.  Remember to take breaks and plan a routine schedule to help you.  Mental health is very important and we have spent time learning about it in this class!   This current situation is something we are all in together.  Let’s try and stay positive and continue our learning the best way we can.

FRQ PRACTICE QUESTIONS FOR WEEK 1 (Please post on Tuesday and Thursday by noon). For example, Question 1 on Tuesday and Question 2 on Thursday.  We will try this schedule.

Question 1:          Unit I: Sample FRQ   

History & Perspectives
Philosophers and psychologists have long debated the relative influences of heredity and environment on behavior. Give an example of how each of the following perspectives would explain their position in what is commonly known as the “nature-nurture controversy.” Students must identify which side of the “controversy” their example is addressing.



Humanistic psychology

Evolutionary psychology


Developmental psychology

Cognitive psychology

Question 2:  
Research Methods
: Often, methodology questions take one of two forms: the “design your own experiment” form and the “identify the flaws” form. I am providing one example of each.

Research Methods: Question 1: Design an Experiment
Design an experiment that tests the hypothesis, “Cooperative learning is more effective in raising test scores than direct teacher instruction.” Use the following terms in your response:
Independent and dependent variables

Random sampling and assignment

Experimental and control grouping

Ethical considerations

An interpretation of what statistically significant results would mean for this experiment

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