AP Psychology Review

AP Psychology Review

Review is under way!


Thursday April 20th Lunch Tutorial :  Multiple Choice Review packages and follow up on last class Social Psychology take home test.  In class work on FRQ’s (NOTE:  I will expect all of these FRQ’s to be done by next Friday!)

Friday April 21st  Lunch Tutorial:  Multiple Choice Review packages (NOTE:  I will expect all of these practice MC to be done by next Friday!)

Monday April 24th  (PRO D) please meet in Ms. Ryant’s room by 9am. You will work together without me to complete the Practice AP exam to be done in the class only.  Also a great time to review the FRQ’s you have all done.

Tuesday April 25th:  Multiple Choice Package #2   REMINDER BUBBLING PARTY @3:15 until 4

Thursday April 26th:  WRAP UP and Study session

FRIDAY @ LUNCH:  show me your completed FRQ packages and both MC packages for marks!

AP EXAM IS ON MONDAY MAY 1 – please be here at 11:30am.  Please see following information on duration of exam and what to bring!  (exam is 2 hours)

ANALOGY PRACTICE – 180PsychAnalogiesReview


AP Psychology May Exam FRQs

http://teachinghighschoolpsychology.blogspot.ca/2015/01/ap-free-response-questions-updated-to.html#sthash.TIjmeGM9.dpbs  –  answers to ALL the above FRQ






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