All about the Brain

All about the Brain

Today’s exercise is designed to take you through some excellent sites about the brain and
help you understand the ideas for this unit.   Complete all  sections, finishing one before moving on to the next.  – Looking at Autism and Schizophrenia in a New Way

Go here:

Take the Right Brain vs. Left Brain test. Are you right brained or left brained? Do you agree with the description of your dominant side?

 Site 1: The Teenage Brain:

Site 2: The Brain in 3-D Form —

Site 3: Brain Scans

Site 4: Brains in the News

Site 5: Brain Games-Neuroscience for Kids–Neuroscience Games

BLOG:  What have you found fascinating about the Brain?  Be sure to explain and give examples of what we have learned in this unit.  You may refer to the Brain Disorders we discussed or one of the websites covered today!



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