A Renaissance Virtual Dinner Party…Part 1

A Renaissance Virtual Dinner Party…Part 1

You will get a video lesson for this weeks assignment in TEAMS.  A brief explanation is below for parents to see what we will be working towards in the next few weeks!

Step 1:  Finalized List for your chosen Renaissance Person is Posted in our General Channel – Teams

Research Week :  You will start to gather information on your Renaissance Person.  Some prompts below to help you.  Plus, the video I posted in Teams goes over it in more detail. If you only want the PDF then I attached it here as well!Video Lesson in PDF

Helpful Websites

Think about ways to organize your NOTES and RESEARCH.  An important skill to have!  We have done this before and remember I showed you how to create a table in MS WORD to help you organize your notes.  Have at least 3 good sources.

Sources to help you get started (you can use videos too)





Next Week Sneak Peak Below (start thinking about how to showcase what you research) Reminder that this will not be sent out until our Research is completed.  If you are done and want to challenge yourself I have included it below.

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