A Renaissance Virtual Dinner Party…Cool

A Renaissance Virtual Dinner Party…Cool

So the tradition will continue…virtually of course!  Every year, students in my grade 8 class complete the Renaissance Unit with a Dinner Party (during the scheduled block so it could be a morning or afternoon dinner party).  This year we will attempt a virtual dinner party to learn more about the Famous Renaissance Figures .

Step 1:  Online Virtual Meetings this week.  If you could not make the meeting not to worry.  Please go to Teams and complete your top 3 choices on the Form attached.  Pick 3 Renaissance People you are interested in learning more about or that spark your interest.  I will send out finalized copy on Teams that will reveal your choice by Friday, May 1st (please be patient). If I pick for you, send me an email if you are not happy with my choice and give me some other options that are not taken.

Step 2:  Start thinking about how to Research this person.  Next week I will be sending out the Video Lesson that will go over the next steps.  To give you an idea those next steps will take about 2 weeks.  One week research collection and the next week or so to showcase your research.  You will have a choice board.

This will take time to prepare for the final virtual dinner party.  We will be having another online meeting prior to our Zoom Dinner Party. In the meantime, think about the person you are representing and some ideas on how you will showcase who they are at the Dinner Party during your scheduled block.  For example, a symbol or costume?

Think about ways to organize your NOTES and RESEARCH.  An important skill to have!  We have done this before and remember I showed you how to create a table in MS WORD to help you organize your notes.  Have at least 3 good sources.

Sources to help you get started (you can use videos too)







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