A Renaissance Dinner Party..in the morning

A Renaissance Dinner Party..in the morning

This week we are preparing for our dinner party (during class time) next week.  You will be required to complete the following to prepare

  • Biography Research
    • Name/Picture
    • Personality Characteristics
    • Famous Works/Accomplishments
    • Famous Quotes
    • Interesting Facts
    • Impact on history- what did you do to influence your time period and what impact did you have on history.
  • The above information will be required during the dinner party for you to use- you will follow up with a blog review- and pictures:)
  • Create a costume.  It may be either literal or symbolic
  • Works Cited List – all the resources you used to gather the above information

Dinner Party (Period 6) Will take place on Tuesday, March 13th

Dinner Party (Period 1) Will take place on Wednesday, March 14th

After the dinner party you will get a quiz on the Renaissance people you met at the dinner party! Take notes


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