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Month: September 2020

Sensation and Perception

Sensation and Perception

Sensation LabSensation-Lab-1 (2)

Part 1: Review Vision and Hearing (show video and work on the diagram) 25 min

Cool Video Homework on prosopagnosia also called face blindness, is a cognitive disorder of face perception in which the ability to recognize familiar faces, including one’s own face (self-recognition), is impaired, while other aspects of visual processing –

Imagine you can’t recognize the people you work with or even yourself!  Prosopagnosia can result from stroke, traumatic brain injury, or certain neurodegenerative diseases.

Part 2:  Discovery Channel Video (in class today) –

Part 3:  Touch/Pain/Taste/Smell/Body Position and Movement

Human Sense Organs | Learn about five Senses - YouTube

The Vikings

The Vikings

Today we started our Viking activity.  We will be spending Wednesday working on a draft and I will be going over some of the tools in ppt.

If you are using the online version of PowerPoint, then you will have to download the PowerPoint first to your desktop.

  1.  Click the File Menu > Download as
  2. This will save to your computer
  3. Open the downloaded file using the Desktop Version of PowerPoint.   If you don’t have the desktop version, you can install it for free using your Office 365 account (see
  4. In the Desktop version of PowerPoint click on File > Save as.
  5. Save as file type MPEG-4 Video

This assignment will be DUE in our TEAMS by MONDAY.

Note:  If the video file is too large then what can you do?  What are others ways to share large files? Let’s talk about this on Wednesday.

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