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Month: April 2020

A Renaissance Virtual Dinner Party…Cool

A Renaissance Virtual Dinner Party…Cool

So the tradition will continue…virtually of course!  Every year, students in my grade 8 class complete the Renaissance Unit with a Dinner Party (during the scheduled block so it could be a morning or afternoon dinner party).  This year we will attempt a virtual dinner party to learn more about the Famous Renaissance Figures .

Step 1:  Online Virtual Meetings this week.  If you could not make the meeting not to worry.  Please go to Teams and complete your top 3 choices on the Form attached.  Pick 3 Renaissance People you are interested in learning more about or that spark your interest.  I will send out finalized copy on Teams that will reveal your choice by Friday, May 1st (please be patient). If I pick for you, send me an email if you are not happy with my choice and give me some other options that are not taken.

Step 2:  Start thinking about how to Research this person.  Next week I will be sending out the Video Lesson that will go over the next steps.  To give you an idea those next steps will take about 2 weeks.  One week research collection and the next week or so to showcase your research.  You will have a choice board.

This will take time to prepare for the final virtual dinner party.  We will be having another online meeting prior to our Zoom Dinner Party. In the meantime, think about the person you are representing and some ideas on how you will showcase who they are at the Dinner Party during your scheduled block.  For example, a symbol or costume?

Think about ways to organize your NOTES and RESEARCH.  An important skill to have!  We have done this before and remember I showed you how to create a table in MS WORD to help you organize your notes.  Have at least 3 good sources.

Sources to help you get started (you can use videos too)



Virtual Online Meeting Week April 28-May1

Virtual Online Meeting Week April 28-May1

TIME CAPSULES:  Looking forward to seeing those Time Capsules.  Due this week on Teams (please see assignment in Teams/previous post)

This week we have our class Virtual Online Meeting. I will be sending out notifications today.   Please see our weekly schedule on my homepage.  It will be during our scheduled block time.  Thank you

What’s next?  This week during our Virtual Online Meeting we will have a review Kahoot for our Renaissance Unit.  I will then introduce what we are doing next.  Hint: Renaissance Unit Virtual Dinner Party with Renaissance Artists/Inventors!  Stay tuned…super excited about this one.  Keeping the tradition going..this time virtually.

As always, parents/students feel free to email me directly with feedback, questions or concerns.


Time Capsule..History in the Making

Time Capsule..History in the Making

Living History – What Items would you put in a Time Capsule for future generations to remember during this unprecedented time?


So excited about this lesson and activity for the week. 

Credits:  I got this inspiration from an article I read ( and from a cool video by John Spencer! Thank you.

You will be creating a Time Capsule with at least 5 items.  Criteria for this activity can be found on TEAMS next week.  During your scheduled block according to the timetable is when the notification will go out.

Think about possible items/artifacts (photographs, journals, toilet paper, Dr. Bonnie Henry quotes, list of movies or popular songs, drawings, flyers around your neighborhood reminding people to keep physical distance).  Pick items that are important to you.  Make it your own and make it unique!  Part of preserving our history and remembering this time is collecting those items that are important to you!  You should have a personal and meaningful connection to those items.

How will I create my Time Capsule? A few suggestions…

  • Recyclable materials or things around the house to create your Time Capsule (a box for example)
  • Make a Collage of Items
  • Show and Tell with a Video Clip
  • Animation

The goals is to be creative, think of what you have around your home to use for this activity.  You have over a week to complete this assignment so please take your time and make it fantastic! You will post on your BLOG and share the link in TEAMS.  Remember to tell me about those items and why you chose them.

Have fun brainstorming some ideas and being creative!   If I were to discover this time capsule in 25 years what would you want me to remember about 2020?  When your done, find a place to hide it….



AP Psychology Review and Videos

AP Psychology Review and Videos

Video Link for ALL AP Psych Videos.  Please watch at your own pace.  Complete 2 FRQ’s weekly from those videos and use the comment feature in your blogs to tell me how you scored.

Scheduled Meeting for this Class (a different time now_April 15th at 1pm) I will do a check in and review any questions from FRQ or in general.  Thanks!

Feel free to email me anytime and check TEAMS.  When I do post on teams please provide a thumbs up so I know you have read important posts from me.

What’s your Emotion?  I have created a channel for us to use GIFs to show how we are feeling weekly.  We had some good laughs last week with these.  We want to keep positive and still connected as a class during these times!


Still lost in the Museum.. How do I use TEAMS?

Still lost in the Museum.. How do I use TEAMS?


HOW TO UPLOAD TO TEAMS?  I will be connecting with my classes during specific days next week to check in and to provide a quick overview on how to upload.  If you want to try it Click Here or wait until next week.

PLEASE NOTE:  Always check our Social Studies Teams first. Why?  I would like to reduce the number of email notifications and only post on Teams.  This website will also be a good resource.  Thank you

I enjoyed reading your Blog posts, getting emails from you and hearing some of your voices last week.  This week we are learning how to use TEAMS.  The activity is a small one but can help you learn how to upload a MS WORD document in this platform.  Blog is optional this week but a fun creative piece to do with family if you like.  This will take us some time to figure out so be patient and we will work through it together.

I have created a Tutorial Socials 8 Team for Questions  Monday-Friday (11:00am-12:00pm) this is your opportunity to write questions about assignments or check in to say hello to me.  

Activity for learning using MS WORD in Teams -Lost in the Museum

This weeks theme is Lost in the Museum … Please go to our TEAMS to retrieve your activity for this week and watch the video.  Our goal is to learn a few facts and try to figure out how to upload to this platform.  Thanks everyone for being patient.  You can also use your cell phone.

Blogfolio #2 – creative activity (OPTIONAL)

Blog Theme:  I always wanted to draw upside down –  Please see Teams for more detail. A fun activity for you to do if you have some time.

Exam Review Videos Intro to Psych, Research Methods, Heredity and Genetics

Exam Review Videos Intro to Psych, Research Methods, Heredity and Genetics

Virtual Meeting:  Every Monday @ 11am on teams.  Marked in your calendars.

LAST WEEK FRQ #1 and #2 answers are here Unit01_SampleFRQ Unit02_SampleFRQ

Exam Date   – AP Psychology Exam Information is listed with details.  Have questions? Post on our chat using MS Teams

Note:  I want to make this process of practice and review more organized and consistent. So, this is what our week will look like.  Starting Monday,  I want you to watch the review video and complete the sample FRQ at the end of the video. 

My requirement is that you complete 2 videos (FRQ is at the end of the video) and post it on your blog (25 min write). The nice thing is that when you go to the next video for the following week they review the answer!   If you have more time, keep watching the videos and keep going.  Remembering to post on your blogs so that I can ensure you are completing the FRQ practice.

Link to ALL the videos:

Videos and FRQ for the Week of April 6-10

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO WATCH THESE VIDEOS and Practice the FRQ’s on your Blog (do a little every day)