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Coat of Arms – Term 2

Coat of Arms – Term 2

We have been working on our Coat of Arms for a few classes.  Period 1,2 and 3 coat of arms will be due on Thursday.  Period 5 and 6 Coat of Arms will be due on Friday.

  1.  Copy of the Coat of Arms
  2.  Description of Coat of Arms on your Blog (please post by end of the week).  Please see the following link for information regarding the coat of arms in the Middle Ages


People in medieval times used personal and family banners and shields to express their identity and status in society. Today, this would be similar to a logo for a sports team or school. Logos are so distinctive that you can recognize your school banner or your favorite team simply by their logo. Heraldry is the same kind of thing, but a bit more structured.

Heraldry includes a family motto and a family coat of arms. The actual design of the coat of arms followed a pattern, although each was distinctive.  As time went on, a family’s heraldry was recorded so that no one could copy the pattern or take it for themselves.


Criteria Sheet personal_coat_of_arms_assignment


The other Senses and Unit Test next week

The other Senses and Unit Test next week




Note:  Keep up with the readings and study guide(bring on Wed and Fri)  – Kahoot for Friday  – proprioception.

MOD 21 – go over this powerpoint!


Gate Control Theory Explained:

Blogfolio Homework…for Parent/Guardian

Blogfolio Homework…for Parent/Guardian

Dear Parent/Guardian you have Blogfolio homework….Students do not have homework this weekend 😊 We will continue to work on Coat of Arms next week in class.  Reminder that curricular competencies self-assessment due on Blog by Friday.  Have a well deserved weekend!

Digital portfolios are assigned to individual students and are kept private. To access a digital portfolio, students must know their unique login and password information. Digital portfolios (Blogfolio) will be assessed each term.  Please see rubric on my website.   Parents/Guardians will have access to their child’s digital portfolio where they can see the learning process. This form of communication allows the student opportunities to practice self-assessment and ownership of their learning (an extremely important skill for this year). Students please login for your parent/guardian.

For homework this week, students will be asked to spend a few moments to review their Blogfolios with their parent/guardian. I ask that you take time this week to comment on one item of your child’s digital portfolio.   Please comment in their Blogs. Thank you!

Tips on Commenting and supporting learning process:

Under any of the posts will be a COMMENT link > click to open a box. (You can record in any language.)

  • Notice thought, capacities and growth. This can include creative and critical thinking in responses
  • Connect with your child’s opinions, stories or ideas.
  • Share your intellectual curiosity.
  • Encourage
  • “You are interested in ______? Me too, here’s an interesting website I’m reading about ________.”
  • I noticed you…
  • The part I found most interesting…
  • A few things you did really well here are…
  • One thing I’m seeing about your work is…
  • Have you considered…

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

How do we change Sensations into Perceptions?

How do we change Sensations into Perceptions?

We are going through this unit quickly!  Make sure you are keeping up with the study guide and terms!  Please review Module 18-20.  Review Eye and Ear (wavelengths in your textbook to review)

Multiple Choice Practice sensationandperceptionMC

A)  Did you finish the sensation lab?  I will not collect this but you should have completed it! Please review how we perceive colour in the world around us.  Review the Young-Helmholtz trichromatic (three color theory).

B)  Today – Perception Rules- I have a video for you to watch below.  Also, please make sure you understand Perception (see handout and textbook for Gestalt rules and how we understand perceptual organization).

C)  Homework:  Illusion Lab 

Note:  You need to upload your Sensation assignment I gave you 2 weeks ago on Monday to your blog(ex.  pick ONE of those activities).  This will be part of term 2.

Monday (November 25th)  Taste and Vision Lab in class.  I will take 15 minutes prior to lab to review the main senses!

Wednesday (Practice MC and prepare for test) Please bring study guides and be ready to work on group review

Friday (Kahoot and Review for Sensation and Perception Test)

Tuesday (December 3rd – Sensation and Perception Test /50 marks)

After December 3rd we start States of Consciousness. 

Video Below on Perception (watch it this weekend)


Curricular Competencies Self-Assessment

Curricular Competencies Self-Assessment

Curricular Competencies 

Please complete the curricular competencies self-assessment.  This is DUE on your BLOG by Friday. This is digital so you can complete it for HW and upload it.  Please check the right sidebar where you find the link for curricular competencies.  The word document explains what you need to do!  Copy and paste then add in your evidence (evidence includes examples of how you met that curricular competency. 


Evidence:  I can fully grasp the concept of the rise and fall of civilizations learned this term.  An example is my presentation that I prepared for my group which included…

We will continue to work on the COAT OF ARMS in class next week (do not complete for homework)

The self assessment (word document) found on my website.    Follow the instructions on the handout and post by Friday.

Image result for self assessment images







Core Competencies:

Research on assessment emphasizes the importance of students developing reflective language and metacognition (i.e. the ability to think about thinking) in order to engage in effective self assessment. It is important that, overtime, students:

  • Gain the ability to assess their own strengths
  • Provide examples and evidence of their learning
  • Create realistic and achievable goals
  • Construct a clear plan to reach their goals
  • Revisit previous documentations of self-assessments, where applicable, to monitor their growth

Proficiency Scale

Sensation and Perception_Module 16-17

Sensation and Perception_Module 16-17

Thursday Lesson we will start our unit on Sensation and Perception.  I will collect the questions your completed by watching the Discovery Channel…see previous post.

We will have a lecture and then some in class time to practice

HOMEWORK:  Flip it video and study guide for this module.  Please read up on ESP. –  Online Psych Labs…so much fun

For what reasons have societies collapsed? BLOGFOLIO

For what reasons have societies collapsed? BLOGFOLIO

Great presentations and delivery of your civilizations this week! Way to go.


Title: For what reasons have societies collapsed?  Ancient Civilization Unit Test Presentation

Blog Post:  What can the collapse of past societies teach us about the long-term consequences of our decisions and actions today?

Please answer this question based on what you learned this term.  Use your current presentation on your civilization to help you.  A few other suggestions may include:

  • Factors that led to the demise of your civilization and interesting points from your group presentations!  Similarities/Differences between civilizations?  Did you see a pattern?
  • What did I learn? How did I learn it? What learning targets did I master? What do I still need to work on?  What would I change about how I presented?
  • Any notes or research can be uploaded too!
  • Include an image (this could be a picture of the presentation process)

Curricular Competencies for this assignment include

I can use Social Studies inquiry processes and skills to ask questions, gather, interpret, and analyze ideas; and communicate findings and decisions

I can determine which causes most influenced particular decisions, actions, or events, and assess their short and long term consequences (cause and consequence)