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Month: May 2019

Geography of North America and Indigenous Peoples of Canada

Geography of North America and Indigenous Peoples of Canada

QUIZ on regions in North America THURSDAY! We reviewed our graphic organizer today so please look at the main ideas for each section.

Indigenous Peoples of Canada

Think about the following questions.  Please compare 2 Indigenous Cultures  when answering the questions below.

  1.  How has the environment shaped the indigenous peoples of Canada?
  2. How important is the environment to your life?  Also include what you have learning about the importance of the environment to Indigenous peoples of Canada.
  3. How did people survive in different geographic regions?
  4. How did geography influence local history/origins of stories?
  5. How does art and technology reflect worldviews of Indigenous peoples?

Thursday class after our Quiz we will go to the lab to complete a blog post for this unit and I will be giving you an assessment to complete at home for the blogfolio!

Geography of North America

Geography of North America – 14 most beautiful places you need to see!  Which one will you put on your bucket list?

Physical Geography of the regions


Climate:  average temperatures and precipitation levels in the summer and winter, usual weather conditions

Vegetation:  types of plants that are native to the region

Animals:  type of animals species that are native to the region

Landscape:  mountains, plateaus, plains, rivers, coasts, tundra, etc

Think about how people survived in different geographic regions. How geography influenced local history? Some questions we will be looking at when we talking about the First Peoples of Canada.

Ready, Set, GO! Speech Day

Ready, Set, GO! Speech Day

Speeches on Exploration will take place Thursday, May 16th!

You will be required to hand in ONE page of notes with Works Cited.

Speech is about 4 minutes!

I will be assessing the presentation and note taking sheet.

BLOG POST:  Please post on your speech and how you prepared for it and what you learned!

Have fun and enjoy the speeches!