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Day: 9 April 2019

Renaissance Dinner Party….in the morning

Renaissance Dinner Party….in the morning


So excited for our Renaissance Dinner Party in the morning on April 15th (Monday).

A few websites for research

Class books!

Today you were given your Renaissance Person and are in the process of completing the biography!  Please do some at home so that on Thursday I can help you with any other questions you may have.

On Thursday, we will complete the bio and you will be required to post what you learned on your blog.  There are 2 parts to this…you may get started on the post and then after the dinner party post an image and post reflection. If you were absent see me ASAP so you can get your Renaissance person assigned.

The day of the dinner party I will ask you to meet the rest of the Renaissance Artists, Inventors etc… and take notes.  These notes are to be used for a self-check quiz next class on this unit! I will give you time to complete blog posts on April 17th.

If you would like to bring something to share with the class (keep it simple) you can but not necessary.  Focus on your Renaissance person and look over the criteria. Looking forward to a great Dinner Party (keep the tradition going…)

Psychological Therapies/Treatment

Psychological Therapies/Treatment

On Wednesday I will go over your FRQ on Schizophrenia!  Be ready to share.  I will then show you an example FRQ that is a bit more difficult.  I will provide MC practice questions for you today. We will begin our LAST and FINAL unit!  Can you believe it?  The next few weeks I need you all to focus and make sure you attend class.  It is important as we begin the REVIEW for the AP exam on MAY 9th(please see College Board Website).

NOTE:  PSYCH DISORDERS TEST/Therapy WILL BE NEXT TUESDAY(not thur) and will only be 25-30 marks.  Only MC.

Therapy Mind Maps:  These will be due next Thursday (April 18th). Watch the above videos!!! These will help you

Tuesday April 16th (test and analogies for practice)

Thursday April 18th (Mind maps are due, practice AP exam entire class)

Wednesday April 24th (FRQ practice exams)  Bubbling party after school in MPR

Friday April 26th (Group Work on FRQ continued and case studies to diagnose)

Wednesday May 1st (Mr. Morton exam review with class)

Friday May 2nd (Kahoot MC review and last practice exam)

May 7 (Last class before the EXAM…last look and discussion at any topics..)

May 9 (EXAM DAY)