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Month: March 2019

Spring Break EXAM PREP

Spring Break EXAM PREP

Image result for exam prepI have attached Practice Multiple Choice for you to complete over the Break.  Remember to rest as well and spend time outdoors!

HOMEWORK:  Start reviewing ALL chapters and complete the MC Practice BELOW.  There will be a Social Psych Quiz when you return(out of 20).

FRQ to be completed during Spring Break:  Please pick 2 FRQ(basically one of the years) and write for 50 minutes.  Post this on your blog and then in the Comments tell me how you scored.  Below is the AP COLLEGE BOARD website where you will access the FRQ’s.



50_mc_practice_qs_unit_14  – Social Psychology Review  – FRQ’s to pick from (scroll down and you will see all the years/questions and how they were scored) Good luck


Spring Break

Spring Break

Enjoy Spring Break and we will see you in April. Make sure you have completed all assignments for the start of term 3.  Please check your handouts/criteria given to you in class.  The assignments include

a)  Current Event – Hate Crimes on the Rise

b)  Venice is sinking documentary ON BLOG (please see criteria handout given in class)

c)  Italian-City States in class questions (story of money and The Medici Family)

Challenge yourself for next term!  Looking forward to learning about the Renaissance Artists when we return!

Image result for leonardo da vinci cartoon



Social Psychology

Social Psychology

We started our Social Psychology Unit today (ONE WEEK and a little over spring break.  If you were absent please see me for the notes package.  You will be required to complete BY THE END OF THIS WEEK

a)  All vocabulary on study guide I gave you (with an example for each) due on Blog

b) Out of the social norm activity with follow up questions due on Blog

c) FRQ will take place over Spring Break/Practice Multiple Choice

The following videos are EXCELLENT REVIEW

Update on Field Trip and REMINDER OF QUIZ MONDAY

Update on Field Trip and REMINDER OF QUIZ MONDAY

If you are unable to make the field trip due to weather conditions please go back to school.  Note.. I am currently at the field trip and will stay here for those who are attending.  Thank you

Thank you to those who made it through the snow to attend today’s field trip.  The weather was definitely not on our side today.  Hoping we can all get a chance to go back after May.  See you all on Monday! Review my previous post for Personality and Intelligence Unit Review as you have a quiz MONDAY.