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Month: December 2018



  1.  On BLOG:  Please make sure you have uploaded all notes, MLA works cited and Digital Media Presentation
  2.  Library Presentation on Monday (Digital Media and 1 other Visual-model, poster, artifacts etc…)

Be prepared and ready to go for the Gallery Walk Presentations.  Bring your own personal electronic device or use one of our laptops.

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Hypnosis and Psychoactive Drugs..Quiz Practice

Hypnosis and Psychoactive Drugs..Quiz Practice

Please complete the following assignment in groups(upload to the blog by Friday after class)

Psychoactive Drugs Project

REMINDER:  Unit QUIZ(25 marks with a bonus) will be NEXT THURSDAY – Practice Q’s below… thanks ms.carey for having these digital:)



NOTE:  Collections for this Term include

  1. States of Consciousness Continuum/Questions/TED TALK self check- already collected
  2. Freud Dream Analysis self check questions – already collected
  3. Psychoactive Drug Assignment in groups (you may choose to post this on the blog)
  4. Sleep Analysis and Dream interpretation (this was a 2 week sleep lab) due next week and posted on the blog!  I will mark it during the break:)



Dream Analysis Assignment_Freud..Due Wednesday

Dream Analysis Assignment_Freud..Due Wednesday

I collected States of Consciousness(Continuum assignment, questions and TED Talk review)  There were 3 parts to this assignment.

We discussed dreams and sleep disorders today.  Please complete Freud’s Dream Analysis Handout with questions for Wednesday class

QUIZ ON STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS – THURSDAY – DECEMBER 20th (there will be an added bonus—stay tuned)

Watch the following Videos

Drugs and Consciousness