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On Friday we will review Personality and then move on to review sessions.  Second part of class I will be handing out Review Guides/Past Exams and FRQ practice.  – KAHOOT REVIEW


AP Psychology May Exam FRQs



Enjoy Spring Break and when you return we will start Social Psych!

Renaissance Dinner Party BLOG POST

Renaissance Dinner Party BLOG POST

NOTE to PARENTS:  Term 2 Blogfolio comments

For homework, students will be asked to spend a few moments to review their Blogfolios with their parents. I ask that you take time this week to comment on one or more items on your child’s digital portfolio for term 2.  Thank you and have a wonderful Spring Break!

Tips on Commenting and supporting learning process:

Under any of the posts will be a COMMENT link > click to open a box. (You can record in any language.)

  • Notice thought, capacities and growth.
  • Connect with your child’s opinions, stories or ideas.
  • Share your intellectual curiosity; wonder aloud.
  • Encourage
  • Co-conspire… “You are interested in Explorers ? Me too, here’s an interesting website I’m reading about Explorers.”
  • I noticed you…
  • The part I found most interesting…
  • A few things you did really well here are…
  • One thing I’m seeing about your work is…
  • Have you considered…


Dinner Party Rubric

Intelligence Unit Quiz on Monday…starting Personality Unit

Intelligence Unit Quiz on Monday…starting Personality Unit

Personality PPT_Personality Teacher

What a great field trip! So proud of my AP students.  Great hands on approach to Piaget’s Child Development Theories!! Way to go


Intelligence Quiz out of 10 marks on Monday (Please see the questions below and I will pick only 10 from this list:)

  1. If asked to guess the intelligence of a stranger, your best guess would be:
  2. The Flynn effect refers to the fact that:
  3. The bell-shaped distribution of intelligence scores in the general population is called a:
  4. The formula for the intelligence quotient was devised by:
  5. Lewis Terman’s widely used American revision of Binet’s original intelligence test was the:
  6. Vanessa is a very talented sculptress. We would expect that Vanessa also:
  7. A 6-year old child has a mental age of 9. The child’s IQ is:
  8. A test of your capacity to learn to be an automobile mechanic would be considered a ___________test.
  9. Most people view intelligence as a person’s:
  10. Researchers assess the correlation between scores obtained on two halves of a single test in order to measure the
  11. Although diagnosed with Autism and hardly able to speak coherently, 18 year old Andrew can produce intricate and detail scenes he has seen only once. This illustrates a condition known as:
  12. Superior performance on the WAIS is most likely to be indicative of:
  13. Spearman’s g factor refers to:
  14. Originally, IQ was defined as :
  15. Down syndrome is normally caused by:
  16. Before becoming attorney, law students must pass a special licensing exam,which is an ___________ test. Before entering college, students must take the SAT which is an __________ test.
  17. Know what reification is…

We start our unit on Personality this week(take home test for spring break)

Also, you will be getting a study package this week for spring break. Spring Break you will start to review all units and complete MC practice tests.  I highly suggest you start reading Social Psychology so that when you return we will spend only 2 classes on it.


Mandatory meeting to pre-bubble answer

sheets in preparation for writing AP exams.


ALL students writing a 2018 AP exam.


Multipurpose room.


     Tuesday, April 24th @ 3:15 sharp!

What do you bring?

Your ”Personal Education Number” (from your report card, two #2 pencils and a GREAT attitude!

A Renaissance Dinner the morning

A Renaissance Dinner the morning

This week we are preparing for our dinner party (during class time) next week.  You will be required to complete the following to prepare

  • Biography Research
    • Name/Picture
    • Personality Characteristics
    • Famous Works/Accomplishments
    • Famous Quotes
    • Interesting Facts
    • Impact on history- what did you do to influence your time period and what impact did you have on history.
  • The above information will be required during the dinner party for you to use- you will follow up with a blog review- and pictures:)
  • Create a costume.  It may be either literal or symbolic
  • Works Cited List – all the resources you used to gather the above information

Dinner Party (Period 6) Will take place on Tuesday, March 13th

Dinner Party (Period 1) Will take place on Wednesday, March 14th

After the dinner party you will get a quiz on the Renaissance people you met at the dinner party! Take notes