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Month: February 2018

Term 2 Project

Term 2 Project

This Thursday you will hand in a 1 page response on memory and emotion.  As per my discussion today you will post this on your blog by the end of class Thursday.


Development Unit Test Wednesday

Development Unit Test Wednesday

Please Review the following terms for the test on Wednesday.  I suggest you watch the video clip as well!  Autism video clip is also on this post.

Test will be 40 multiple choice questions.

  1.  Schemas
  2. Assimilation and Accomodation
  3. Habituation
  4. Maturation
  5. Piaget
  6. Kohlberg
  7. Erikson
  8. Freud
  9. Vygotsky
  10. Object Permanence
  11. Egocentrism
  12. Conservation
  13.  Attachment Theory
  14. Parenting Styles and theorists
  15. crystallized intelligence
  16. fluid intelligence

Stages and Theorists!  Know them..

Videos below to watch!

Autism –



BLOG POST (for term 2) Venice is sinking…..

BLOG POST (for term 2) Venice is sinking…..

Period 1 – CSI on Thursday

Period 6 – Complete questions by Friday on Machiavelli


Create a mini-documentary (be does not have to be a paragraph..think about using another digital tool) on how Venice was built, why is it sinking, how are they saving it now, and how to possibly save it from sinking further.  Tell me your theory and make sure to back it up with evidence!  Have fun saving VENICE. You may work with a partner but both must post it:)


  1.  Can Disease Change the World (Black Death Unit)
  2.  Spotlight Post (here you had a choice from a few topics..please refer to February 1st post)
  3.  As you see it, what is the significance of the Olympic Games?
  4. Coat of Arms
  5. Venice is Sinking (the last post due on March 2nd) or What makes someone a Genius? (period 6)
Child Development

Child Development

Thursday we will review for 10 minutes your homework from last class. Prenatal and newborn development.  I will then move you into groups to discuss the various stage theories!  Get those field trip forms in!

I will collect ALL stress packages today:)

Homework:  Adolescence handout with review questions due next class.  Keep reading ahead.

NOTE: FRQ on stage theorists at the start of next class (25 minutes). Next Wednesday will be your test.  40 MC



In a church on Easter Sunday of 1478 an attempt was made to wipe out the Medici dynasty in one single attack. The attack was only half successful. We know who the attackers were but we do not know who organized the clearly well-planned attack. You will attempt to find out by decoding a secret letter, listening to witness testimony and exploring why some people might have been angry enough at the Medici to commit murder. Your suspects include a powerful rival family, a former employee of the Medici and the pope himself!

Inside Out Questions

Inside Out Questions

Next class we start our Profile for a new Emotion.  We completed our Inside Out questions (collected last class) and We will have the remainder of the week to work on our Emotions/Memory Profile.

Cognition Take Home Test

Cognition Take Home Test

Reminder:  Inside Out Questions are overdue! Please make sure you have handed them in.

Amazing Race was a challenge today!  Please make sure you have complete the TAKE HOME TEST and review your answers once completed.  We will take time to look at this next class and I will answer any questions you may have.  Read this chapter and do the practice multiple choice at the end.

HW:  Take home test on cognition (if you have time pick and FRQ)

Stress Package will be due on February 22nd

Child Development Unit starts Tuesday

Unit 9 Child Development Teacher