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Day: 19 January 2018



Period 6:  Please make sure you have completed your Castle Blog Post.  We started our review on Knights vs Samurai.  We are working on a coat of arms draft.  We will continue working on this next class.

Period 1:  We finished our BMSS castles today!  That was fun.  I started a review on Knights.  ONLY complete the 5 vocabulary words.  We will work on the rest of this sheet next class.  If you would like to post your BMSS Castle on your blog that would be a nice Bonus.  Keep in mind how difficult it was to construct such a fortified structure!!  Make sure you insert your snapshot BMSS castle.. you never know when you need to refer back to it

Cognition and Memory

Cognition and Memory


  1. download Learning Test will take place on Tuesday!  Please study notes and use review guide to help.  I WILL ADD A FEW QUESTIONS ON MY BLOG BY SUNDAY.. I gave back your learning quiz!  Answers to MC/  C A B C B D C D D B B D C D B A
  2.   Cesare Milan Activity- upload to blog by next Thursday so we can watch
  3.  AP exam payment online – don’t forget and see deadline which is soon

Why do we forget?

Today’s Handouts

Please review today’s handout.  We will be combining this unit with Emotion Unit.


Video Clips Below for this in class assignment Memory Videos

a) Encoding failure

b) Storage Decay

c) Retrieval Failure (proactive and retroactive)