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Grade 8’s take what you learned about Charlemagne and create IHISTORY!  Please refer to the handout I gave you in class today.  You will be getting 2 FULL classes periods to work on this assignment.  It is DUE next MONDAY/TUESDAY.

NOTE:  Blog Post Due this Friday (see previous post for question)

This week you are meeting with me to discuss your civlization in a bag and explain the artifacts.  Thanks

Zombie MENU..Learning about the Brain

Zombie MENU..Learning about the Brain

Happy Halloween Psychology 12.  In class we started our Zombie Menu assignment.  We will spend 20 minutes completing it next class prior to presenting it.  Great fun today learning about the different parts of the brain!

Reminder:  Teenage Brain Article Response is due on your Blog

Brain Organizer and BLOG UPDATED

Brain Organizer and BLOG UPDATED

Monday October 30th

  1.  Today we will have class time to fully complete our Brain Charts.  These will be due at the end of class.
  2. Neuron Quiz marked and returned.  We will review some terms
  3. Please pick up the practice Quiz for this unit
  4. Bring an Orange for Wednesday’s Class
  5. HW:  Extra credit(FRQ handout pick one!) I will be giving a brain scan assignment for HW on Monday- a quick read and complete.
  6. We start unit myers-ap-unit-03c on Wednesday

BLOGS:  The following are ALL the blog posts you should have.  This is extremely important as they show understanding of topics being covered and will be given a term mark out of 20.  Some posts are marked separately.  You have until the end of this week to look over your blog to make sure they are updated.

  • Intro to Psych AP
  • Dinner Party
  • Naturalistic Observation
  • Zimbardo Questions
  • Mirror Neurons Article Review (marked separately)
  • FRQ Bonus question (good idea to do this)



The Brain (and Pinky)

Are Great Leaders Good People?

Are Great Leaders Good People?

This week we are learning more about who Charlemagne was.

Period 1:  Please work on your blog post for next week.  Are Great Leaders Good People?  Use the information we discussed and what you researched to complete your blog post.  You may use Audacity for this assignment (record your opinion to share)  Remember to use my feedback on how to write the perfect post.  Always include an image.

IHISTORY – We will be working on this next week

Period 6:  Friday is Genius Hour!  Spotlight Post: Are Great Leaders Good People?  We will be using class time to further discuss Charlemagne.  We will be using laptops to complete this post in class today and publish!

IHISTORY – Introduction to this assignment


Charlemagne_ GREAT OR NOT?

Charlemagne_ GREAT OR NOT?

Today we learned about Charlemagne.  You were asked to do a little investigative work to learn more about him.  Was he a hero or villain?

We will continue working on this assignment next class.  Working on 1 or 2 questions at home will be helpful.

I also gave feedback for your blog!  This way you can all work on it as we get closer to end of term.  Practice and challenge yourself!


At the end of the week we may have GENIUS HOUR…

Neural Communication, Nervous System and Endocrine System QUIZ

Neural Communication, Nervous System and Endocrine System QUIZ

There will be a quiz on 3A this Thursday.  Please make sure you have read the corresponding pages for 3A.  Review all notes and use your study guide.  It is a very short quiz.

Check out this cool website:

This is incredible..Since we start learning more about the brain this week


The Nervous System & Endocrine System 3A

The Nervous System & Endocrine System 3A

Tuesday (October 24th)

unit-2-the-nervous-and-endocrine-systems (1)

We will review the neural communication today and then move on to the nervous system/endocrine system.

There will be a quiz on part 3A this Thursday (know your Neuron!)

FIGURE 2.7 Subparts of the nervous system.
  1.  What is the function of the peripheral nervous system?
  2. What is the function of the central nervous system?
  3. What are some things regulated by the endocrine system?
  4. What 3 important endocrine system glands are located in the brain?
  5. Describe the adrenal glands, what functions do they serve?
  6. What does MRI stand for? What are MRI’s of the brain used for?
    Go here:
  7. What does PET stand for? What functions can a PET scan monitor

Go here:

Take the Right Brain vs. Left Brain test. Are you right brained or left brained? Do you agree with the description of your dominant side?