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Day: 12 September 2017

Know your perspectives!

Know your perspectives!

Review your perspectives.  You will be introduced to the blog this week.

Question to think about and a good first blog post:

Which psychological perspective are you drawn to?  which one do you think most accurately reflects how we should approach the behaviour and thoughts of people?

Global Goals Due

Global Goals Due

We are working on completing the Global Goals PSA/action campaign for this week.

Period 1:  We will have time to complete this on Thursday- please continue working on it at home.

Period 6:  Due Wednesday at the start of class (your storyboard and action plan)

Blog start up this week!  Looking forward to it.



Dinner Party with Dead Psychologists

Dinner Party with Dead Psychologists

Today I did a quick review of Chapter 1.  Please make sure you have read the entire chapter.  You  completed a perspectives quiz- I will give this back to you next class.  Make sure you know the perspectives.

Dinner Party:  We will continue our research next class in the library.  Our dinner party will take place September 20th.

Chapter 1 Test:  September 25th (Please review your notes and the practice multiple choice)


unit_1_study_guide_package – I will be checking this next Wednesday before the dinner party:)

Make sure you use the notes and know all your terms and perspectives