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Day: 23 May 2017

Computer Lab Week and Project Examples

Computer Lab Week and Project Examples

This week we are in the computer lab completing our paragraphs for our Inquiry Project.  DUE DATE:  JUNE 6 and 7 in the MPR.

Checklist for Poster Board

  • Inquiry Question is clearly stated at the top of your poster
  • An introduction and a conclusion to your topic
    • 4-5 Research Questions (1 sheet 1.5 space, formal) placed on your poster
    • Pictures/Diagrams/Maps…..
    • Works Cited (on the back of your poster board) at least 5 sources
    • Typed and size 12-14 font for your paragraphs.  Headings may be a larger font
    • Keep it neat! Please see examples below
  • Multimedia
    • Blog post (this may include a video or a powerpoint in regards to your Inquiry Question.  We discussed all the options in class
  • You may also bring 3D models or artifacts for your presentation

Smile and be ready to answer questions on the day of your Gallery Walk/Fair!! Have fun and celebrate a great year!

Examples of Projects