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Psychological Disorders

Psychological Disorders

NOTE:  BUBBLING PARTY…this is soon and I will post information on our blog and classroom door this week

On Friday:  We will review notes!  We will discuss Anxiety Disorders with a group activity for 25 minutes.  We will then move on to Depression with a video clip and FRQ group discussion.

Homework for weekend:  Make sure you have read this chapter!  We will be talking about Therapy next class so it is a good idea to look over this unit.


Study Guide and Quizlet:– Video 1 for Depression Worksheet – Video 2 for Depression Worksheet

Unit 12 Abnormal Psych Teacher

Great Website for Videos

First Nations

First Nations

Digital Scavenger Hunt

I hope you all had a restful spring break.  Explorer projects will be given back by the end of this week!  Our next unit focuses on First Nations.

We will be starting out with our Spring Break stories!


Welcome Back to Personality and Intelligence and QUIZ WEDNESDAY

Welcome Back to Personality and Intelligence and QUIZ WEDNESDAY

PRACTICE MC QUESTIONS FOR INTELLIGENCE/PERSONALITY QUIZ out of 20 (I will pick directly from these packages!)


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Intelligence MC   for answers please check your textbook and quizlet.  Below is a good handout on assessing intelligence..look over it!

The videos are also great!

I hope you all had a wonderful spring break!  I will be doing a check on all assignments and will be COLLECTING the Intelligence FREE RESPONSE!!

Tuesday is a busy one!  Please make sure you have reviewed and read all notes and chapter unit on Intelligence and Personality!  We will do a review on Tuesday and you will have a take home test!  I will be picking 20 of these questions for THURSDAY QUIZ on Personality and Intelligence.

assessing_intelligence_notes_good (thank you m.carey)

11. Personality

Developmental Psychology Test/Spring Break Study Plan

Developmental Psychology Test/Spring Break Study Plan

A reminder to see previous blog post for crash course videos and ppt on developmental psychology!  Also, you worked on the Intelligence Unit today and I collected 3 questions.  Please look over this unit.  I will give you a take home FRQ to work on and a Multiple Choice on my blog for next week.  I have 5 questions on the test to review intelligence (easy).

First Week Spring Break:  Review Intelligence MC and 25 minutes FRQ – hand in when you return .

Second Week Spring Break:  Personality Unit – Please see package that will be given to you on Thursday.  Read, Questions and Review.  Practice MC:)

Want Practice Questions from previous exams?  See me before you go!

When you return:  We will spend 1 class on reviewing Personality and Intelligence!  We will then start Psych Disorders and Therapy.  Last unit Social Psychology

Review Sessions:  In April! Mark your calendar for April Pro D!  You will have an opportunity to work with your classmates to study and review for the AP exam

Intelligence Unit

Intelligence Unit

How do psychologists define intelligence?
What did Charles Spearman believe about the function and purpose of intelligent testing?

What is Spearman’s G factor?
How was L. L. Thurstone’s view of testing different that Charles Spearman?
What does savant syndrome indicate about types of intelligence?
Describe Howard Gardner’s Eight types of intelligence
Robert Sternberg distinguished what types on intelligence?
Describe examples of emotional intelligence from the textbook.
Define grey matter and the correlation with intelligence.
Discuss the design and purpose of the Binet and Simon test.
Part 2
What are some examples of achievement and aptitude tests?
How can Reliability and Validity be determined?
Discuss how fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence changes with age.
What causes Down syndrome?
Explain Terman’s observations oft intellectually gifted children.
How do gifted programs create self-fulfilling prophecies?
Discuss the evidence about intelligence from twin and adoption studies.
Discuss the statement that “Race is a social category, not a biological one.”
How are intelligence  test culturally biased?



Achievement versus aptitude tests
Reliability and validity of standardized tests
Stereotype threat
Cultural differences among test takers

Child Development Field Trip Friday and FRQ Examples

Child Development Field Trip Friday and FRQ Examples

Child Development Field Trip is March 3rd (Friday am only)

We will follow up when we return and then start our unit on Intelligence!

Developmental Psychology  FRQ Practice!

Mike is a 15-year-old high school student who is considering what classes to take in his next year of high school. Discuss how each of the following aspects of development would impact his decision about which classes to take:

•Early physical maturation
•Emergence of formal operational thought ( Piaget)
•Emergence of post-conventional morality (Kohlberg)
•Adolescent egocentrism
•Gender roles/Gender identity
•Secure attachment as an infant ( Ainsworth)