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Day: 19 September 2016

Dinner Party on Wednesday! Reminder Chapter 1 Test on Monday

Dinner Party on Wednesday! Reminder Chapter 1 Test on Monday

Please be prepared for your Dinner Party with Dead Psychologists on Wednesday!  Don’t forget to blog after your dinner party.  Refer to the package I gave in class for the question.

  1.  Chapter 1 test on Monday_ review all notes given to you in class and make sure you have read Chapter 1.  Complete the Multiple Choice section (page 17).  You were given a review guide today in class.  Please refer to the power point to help you fill in the answers.
  2. Use your Study Guide to help you study and review main concepts.
  3. Test will be Multiple Choice

ap_textbook_mc_answers – Answer Key for the end of each Chapter in your textbook

simplypsychology-org-naturevsnurture –  Interesting Article


Myers AP – Unit 01 – Powerpoint to help you complete the answers to your review guide!

Any questions feel free to email me.  See you on Wednesday


World Map Completion Wednesday/Thursday

World Map Completion Wednesday/Thursday

Almost done our World Map.  Wednesday/Thursday is the last day to complete the map and submit.  Next week we start our unit on the Early Middle Ages so you will be required to bring your textbook.

On Monday/Tuesday (September 26/27) you will use your World Map for a short review quiz.  Know your continents and watch the video I posted last class to help.