#2 Blogfolio Post due Friday

#2 Blogfolio Post due Friday

 #2 Blog Post for Friday, September 21st

What is the world’s biggest problem and how would you fix it? (You can use your Global Goal for this one)  What does the world need to know about this goal and what can we do about it? Don’t forget to add an image.

Remember to follow the exact steps to get access to your blog (username/password I gave you prior to beginning our blog).

  1. Logging into your WordPress Blog

Your blog has the following path:  MAKE SURE YOU TYPE IT IN CORRECTLY

1. http://bbysec.com/mtn/[username] 

note:  your username starts with your name and a number provided by your teacher

2.  Enter the username and password provided by your teacher.

Your site is only visible to you and your teacher at this point in time.  So you must be logged in to see your content.

Good luck and don’t forget to do some basic housekeeping on the blog..

Have a great weekend.






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